The Live Coal Collective is an annually selected group of aspiring, emerging, and established artists committed to engaging Live Coal Gallery’s mission and programming for one year. Artists are given opportunities to exhibit and sell work, lead and facilitate workshops, create special installations and performances, and engage Detroit-area neighborhoods with the arts. 

2019 Live Coal Collective

Darius Baber


Visual Artist

Nia Crutcher


Visual Artist

Jean Alicia Elster


Literary Artist

Saffell Gardner


Visual Artist

Mara Magyarosi-Laytner


Visual Artist

Arise Rock


Literary, Performance, Visual Artist

Yvette Rock


Visual, Performance Artist

Jaicha Smith


Visual Artist

2017-2018 Live Coal Collective. Photo by Cody Williams.

2017-2018 Live Coal Collective: Edwin Geronimo, Dolores Slowinski, Yvette Rock, & Mark Schumack.

The Live Coal Collective is an annually selected group of artists who engage the public with exhibitions, installations, performances, and workshops. The LCC is a fairly new initiative of Live Coal. As such, we are still developing strategies of how to fund artists and the workshops they lead. 


2016-2017 Live Coal Collective

Our first Live Coal Collective was from 2016-2017 and included: Nichole Christian, Espacia Fotiu, Mahogany Jones*, Billy Mark*, Sarah Mark, and Saffell Gardner*. (*Kresge Artist Fellows)


Upcoming LCC Events & Exhibitions

April 27, 2018 - 6pm-9pm - 5th Year Anniversary Show. Work by Mark Schumack. Opening celebration at  Always Brewing Detroit.

May 12, 2018 - Live Coal Presents Dolores S. Slowinski at Detroit Fiber Works - Reception 6pm-9pm. Artist talk - June 9, 7pm.

June 16 - Detroit Music Festival 11am-10pm

June - Edwin Geronimo Solo Show - Date TBD

June 23 - 2nd Annual "Grieving & Healing Through the Arts" at Lightbox

August 4, 2018 - Annual Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts